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  • Creating an Effective Procurement Strategy - When talking with procurement executives about their strategic planning efforts, we hear a wide spectrum of responses regarding how formal (or informal) their procurement strategy is. Some admit to not having a formal strategy, while others have very detailed, well-documented strategies complete with roadmaps, category-specific strategies, and detailed metrics and dashboards. […]
  • Best Practices in Utility Procurement 2020 - The utility industry is in the midst of a sea-change. In years past, excellence in procurement was seen as a mere feather in a corporation’s cap. Increasing customer demands together with added cost and regulatory pressures, however, have driven this principle into the forefront of business strategy. Excellence in procurement has become a requisite within Read More


  • Utility Procurement 2020 – Best Practices Benchmark Study Findings - The comprehensive utility services industry study identifies best practices and trends in the procurement space, as well as quantifying key operational metrics for comparison of participants. Most metrics and practices were organized along three primary themes: Value Creation, Operational Excellence, and Strategies for Growth. The study classifies utility services as Transmission, Distribution, Generation, and Gas.
  • Five Steps to Building a Successful Procurement Strategy - Without a comprehensive Procurement Strategy in place, it’s impossible to know whether or not your procurement organization is aligned with the corporate strategy, and whether or not progress is being made. Leading procurement organizations are adopting an integrated approach to transforming their end-to-end Sourcing and Procurement processes in favor of one-off point solutions. Five Steps Read More


  • Building an Effective Procurement Knowledge Management Program - Several significant environmental shifts are creating one of the biggest challenges for procurement organizations today: how to manage talent and knowledge. This webinar will discuss what's behind some of these environmental shifts and, more importantly, what procurement organizations can do to effectively meet these new challenges.
  • Indirect Spend Management Benchmarking Study Results 2016 - ProcureAbility recently conducted an Indirect Spend Management Benchmarking Study to determine how best-in-class Procurement organizations are driving more value today.