Market Intelligence

When You Need Intelligence Beyond the Ordinary

Make smarter sourcing decisions with ProcureAbility’s Market Intelligence.

Our Market Intelligence helps you answer critical questions, including:

  • What’s driving category pricing?
  • Who are a category’s key suppliers?
  • What are the risks associated with a category?
  • How will pricing trend in the next five years?
  • What sourcing strategies should I consider to drive bottom-line savings?

ProcureAbility Market Intelligence Options

ProcureAbility™ gives clients a variety of ways to access our Market Intelligence – from annual subscriptions, to specific report or indices access, to custom supply market research created only for you. We also work with clients to design their own in-house market intelligence programs.

Market Intelligence Subscriptions

A comprehensive, category-specific Market Intelligence subscription helps clients develop high-impact sourcing strategies, mitigate risks, and understand important market trends affecting their spend categories.

ProcureAbility Market Intelligence subscriptions are designed specifically for sourcing professionals help with:

  • Bottom-Line Impact – Reduce the cost of spend categories
  • Budget Planning – Increase the accuracy of your budget and cost savings planning
  • Credibility – Raise your level of credibility with internal stakeholders and drive fact-based negotiations

A ProcureAbility Market Intelligence subscription is more cost-effective than doing it yourself. We subscribe to the services, analyze the research, and prepare the reports so you don’t have to. We do more than provide reports. Our team is also available for market intelligence program design and ongoing support.

Custom Supply Market Research

ProcureAbility’s Custom Supply Market Research helps you mitigate risk and make key sourcing decisions based on solid, high-quality market data backed by multiple sources, both primary and secondary.

Our Custom Supply Market Research provides in-depth and practical insight into market dynamics, forecasting, and sourcing for scoped topics, such as:

  • Supply Market Trends
  • Price Forecasting
  • Low-Cost Country Supplier Identification
  • Supplier Capability Profiles
  • Index Development

Custom Supply Market Research is especially valuable when:

  • The category is too narrow in scope or too “niche” to fit into the standard portfolio
  • Your project requires specific information that the standard report format does not sufficiently cover
  • You require direct answers from suppliers, but want to remain anonymous at this stage of your sourcing project
  • You need coverage for regions outside of the U.S.

ProcureAbility’s approach is consistent and repeatable—from project kickoff and scoping, to data gathering, analysis, review, and final report delivery. Our research teams work closely with clients to ensure objectives and quality standards are met.

Market Intelligence Advisory Services

We assess clients’ needs and design programs based on the best practices of leading procurement and supply chain organizations to maximize effectiveness of a comprehensive market intelligence program.

  • Current Market Intelligence Assessment
  • Custom Market Intelligence Solution
  • On-site Team Training