Advisory + Talent Your Way

ProcureAbility™ transforms traditional, outdated consulting and staffing models by offering our clients advisory and resource support on their terms.

We give our clients access to unbundled resources, plus the ability to selectively add value through leading-edge methodologies, the latest best practices, and specialized insight and advice—an approach unheard of in traditional consulting and staffing firms.

We aren’t wed to old, static models and won’t force fit a system on you. Instead, we flex with your needs with options that deliver maximum procurement ability. So you get procurement how, when, and where you need it.

ProcureAbility’s customer-focused delivery model allows for a wide range of flexibility:

  • Working with strategic or tactical experts who can deliver a wide range of solutions, from consulting to staffing
  • Scaling a team your way, from individual resources to complete project teams
  • Adding value as needed from a deep and broad library of procurement insights
  • Choosing remote or on-site support options—or both

ProcureAbility—formerly known as Denali Advisory, Talent, Recruiting, and Intelligence—was co-founded by professionals dedicated to the procurement profession.

Since 1996 we’ve focused only on procurement’s success. It’s all we do.